Welcome to the world of the past…

Kim and I have been perusing some of the retail sites online lately. I’m fascinated by the “dead mall” concept, and businesses that have gone under in the economy or bankrupt for another reason. And we got to talking, and thought about how much fun it might be to take a few trips down memory lane about our favorite hangouts – record and book stores.

One of the things that drew us together as a couple all those 20+ years ago was our mutual love for books and music. We both love to read, love all kinds of music, and loved to spend hours upon countless hours going through bookstores and record stores looking for those little gems you can only find and treasure by looking through the shelves and bins at random, not knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Now, the days of book and record stores are sadly mostly part of a fading past, thanks to online retailing, digital music files, and electronic books. And so while we have jumped headlong (and somewhat begrudgingly) into the modern era, we kinda miss those good old days too.  So we’re gonna use this blog to do a number of things.

First off, we’ll be talking about the past – stores we loved that are no longer there. We may approach you if you have some photos or something online for permission to use some of them, so we can show everyone what we’re talking about.

Second, we’ll be talking about today – the stores that are still there, and where you can visit them. We’re going to be watching for these little places throughout our travels, and hopefully will be able to bring you some pix as well.

Third, we’re going to talk about favorite books and favorite music. This blog, which will be one of two blogs to supplement my main music site, The Kirkham Report (the other blog being “My Life As A Soundtrack“, coming soon), will give you our feelings on some of our favorite books and records over the years – we may have links to music, to books, to charts, or anything else that might strike our fancy.

Fourth, I’m going to talk about my collection of records and my love for radio. Some of this is already available on the TKR site, but I’m going to talk about specific things – label art, album artwork, picture sleeves, and the like – the stuff that makes magic for me. Popular or obscure, chances are good you’ll find it here.

Fifth, Kim will be doing the same about her collection of books – her LARGE collection of books takes up half the living room, and she too has little things that make magic for her. In fact, her first column is already ready about her love for book stores, and will be posted shortly.

Sixth – we’re hoping to be talking to YOU. We will be encouraging you to find these little out of the way places still out there and to let us know about them. We’ll have a comment form up in a couple days where you can contact us, and we’ll always give full credit to everyone who contributes!

And there’s probably tons more that we’re not thinking of right now, but I’m sure other things will pop up here too!

We hope you enjoy the trips down memory lane we’ll be offering, and also will take the time to check out more of the PNRNetworks family! Enjoy!

TC N Kim, June 27 2015