Revitalizing Planet BM

Hey all!  It’s been far too long that we’ve neglected this site. It wasn’t through anyone’s fault, it’s a time thing.

But no more.

We will have at least one new blog a week starting this week, and we will continue our mission to talk about book and record stores, the old days, and more. We’ll also be linking up with my music site, The Kirkham Report, which will be coming back on line this weekend.

Once again, we’ll be here spreading the word about places still out there, places gone by, formats no longer used, and the like. And I’ll be back later this weekend with a store from Cape Cod that we visited over a year ago, and just hadn’t managed to post until now. We’ll also be posting some kitsch from You Tube and the like and more!

Don’t give up on us! We’ll be going great guns again in the next day or so!

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