EUROVISION ’18: eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report launch spotlight series

Get ready America….the 2018 EuroVision Song Contest is almost here! And eCinemaOne is teaming up with our relaunching music site, The Kirkham Report, and our flashback books and music blog, Planet BilblioMusica, to give you a month PLUS of coverage!

Beginning Wednesday, April 4, when TKR returns to the PNRNetworks blogosphere, we will launch our massive joint coverage of this annual Euro contest staple, including:

  • ·         A look at every song entrant this year – song, artist, songwriters (remember, EuroVision is a songWRITING contest), home country, and more
  • ·         The official EuroVision music video for each entrant
  • ·         A look back at past winners and participants – those we love, those we’re not fond of, and those that totally mystify us (like the 2017 winner…that was a real headscratcher to me…)
  • ·         An overview of the EuroVision Song Contest, how it works, how it’s judged and more.
  • ·         Cool tips on how the USA can sit back and enjoy the fun
  • ·         And more!

Being a music fan since I was a wee small tot, I have been aware of the contest since 1973, when Mocedades’ 1973 contest runner up “Eres Tu” was a chart hit in the USA. So when I learned it was about to be broadcast in the US for the first time in 2016, I rearranged my schedule to make sure I could see it.  Of course, I fell head over heels in love with it when it first aired in the US courtesy of the LogoTV network. Logo is said to be considering carrying both semi-finals as well as the finals this year, and we need to let them know that there’s a HUGE US contingent out here willing to watch and enjoy the fun – be sure to tweet them at @LogoTV and say ‘Thanks for carrying the Eurovision Song Contest in the USA!”

We’ll also be doing some polls on the contest this year so fans in the US can have a say in what songs they like – it has been 42 years since a EuroVision entrant hit the Billboard charts in America – the last tune to do so was “Save Your Kisses For Me” by Brotherhood Of Man in 1976 (It was the grand champion that year). Dozens upon DOZENS of great songs have been ignored by Americans and American radio since that time, and I’ve really been INCENSED about the lack of hits from the past two shows that I actually saw – it’s just not right. And we’re going to try and do something about it…

And finally we’ll have a number of Spotify and YouTube playlists for you to peruse, including our favorite EuroVision songs over the years, the songs from the past couple years that we think should have been hits in the US, and more!

So please join us and become a fan, help us participate, and have a lot of fun together – we’ll have all kinds of fan-driven stuff too! Join eCinemaOne and The Kirkham Report for full, fun, and complete coverage of the 2018 EuroVision Song Contest!

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