CountDown To EuroVision ’18: The Past Two Years

eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica will have daily coverage of the days counting down to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018!

Over the next five weeks, we will bring you daily previews of the contest, spotlighting each of the songs individually, where they come from, who will be performing them, and more, as well as some historical info on the contest and some of the past winners and participants.

Today, TC has prepared playlists of his favorite songs from the two most recent contests, the only two aired thus far in the US!

Here’s the five songs from the 2016 contest that TC loved!

And the playlist of his favorites from the 2017 contest as well!

You may notice that the winner of each year is NOT among my choices…I’m sorry, neither of them did anything for me…my top pick for the winner for each year is the first video in the groups…

Join eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica each day through the finals on May 12 – be sure to check each site, because some of the features will be exclusive to just one of the sites! The daily artist and song profiles will appear on each site, with some past winners and historical info coming to TKR and PlanetBM next week!

Catch all the official EuroVision action at their official Website and on their official YouTube channel! And don’t forget to watch the show May 12 on LogoTV!

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