EUROVISION 2019: One last awesome hurrah

You thought the spectacle of Eurovision 2019 was over, buckos? GUESS AGAIN!

We cannot end without this incredible tribute to this year’s finals put together in METICULOUS detail by Alexandro Kroger..he posted this incredible labor of love on YouTube today, and everyone needs to see it!  We present the glory of…LEGO EUROVISION 2019!


With very little fanfare or early notice to both his fans and the fans of the late, lamented Australia’s Got Talent, 2011 winner Jack Vidgen appeared unexpectedly as an auditionee during the blind auditions of The Voice Australia last week….and listen to the reaction of the fans…and of three of the four judges (poor Boy George had no idea WHO he was watching) on the show. Jack has never hidden WHY he left the business abruptly at age 17, but for the first time, he described it in detail…and OMG if this young man with the truly heaven-sent golden voice is ready for a comeback, then BRING IT ON BABY!  Watch the entire clip below…enjoy!