If you’re wondering why your local brick and mortar isn’t getting product, here’s why…

Billboard has two articles today on what’s happening in the world of physical media – for those not in the know, that’s vinyl, CD, etc – when it comes to local stores not getting product for their customers. The problem is stemming from the new distribution model now being used, and how WMG (Warner Bros) moving their distribution to the same company – Direct Shot, based in Indiana – ended up major league upsetting the apple cart. Billboard also has an open letter from retailers asking the industry for help in rectifying this mess. If you’re a music fan, both of them are important and necessary reading to figure out why you’re having trouble finding the latest releases at your local mom and pop record store.

To read the story “An Endless Fiasco”, click here.

To read the story “An Open Letter To The Majors”, click here.

PASSAGES: “Willy Wonka”, “Electric Company” star Denise Nickerson passes at 62

Denise Nickerson, known forever in time as “Violet Beauregard” in the classic 1971 film “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory“, died yesterday evening at the age of 62.

Nickerson had been a nurse for decades after retiring from show business at age 21, but before she racked up a string of impressive credits, not the least of which was her above role, for which she was known by generation after generation of fans of the film.

I had a huge crush on her when I was preteen, when she was playing Alison on “The Electric Company“, where she was a member of the in-house teen pop band The Short Circus, singing lead on my all time favorite song by them, “The Sweet Sweet Sway“. I last saw her as the female lead in the offbeat 1978 comedy “Zero To Sixty“, where she co-starred alongside Darren McGavin and the Hudson Brothers (yes I said THE HUDSON BROTHERS…). It played endlessly on premium cable in the early 1980s, and wasn’t a terrible film, as she and McGavin made it fun to watch. She also appeared as a regular in “Dark Shadows” prior to her “Wonka” fame.

Variety reports that NIckerson had suffered a stroke last year, and has been in deteriorating health ever since, and yesterday, her family made the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support. Son Josh, who’s expecting his first child with wife Jasmine, posted on his Facebook yesterday that “she’s gone”.  as Jasmine lamented that her late mother in law would heartbreakingly never get to meet her new grandbaby, a sad thing indeed.

Nickerson had made show biz appearances over the years, usually in connection to “Willy Wonka” celebrations of one type or another.

See below for some video memories…

PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA presents a “Kaiju Korner” Sneak Peek!

Subject:CINEMA presents a “Kaiju Korner” Sneak Peek!

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