If you’re wondering why your local brick and mortar isn’t getting product, here’s why…

Billboard has two articles today on what’s happening in the world of physical media – for those not in the know, that’s vinyl, CD, etc – when it comes to local stores not getting product for their customers. The problem is stemming from the new distribution model now being used, and how WMG (Warner Bros) moving their distribution to the same company – Direct Shot, based in Indiana – ended up major league upsetting the apple cart. Billboard also has an open letter from retailers asking the industry for help in rectifying this mess. If you’re a music fan, both of them are important and necessary reading to figure out why you’re having trouble finding the latest releases at your local mom and pop record store.

To read the story “An Endless Fiasco”, click here.

To read the story “An Open Letter To The Majors”, click here.

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