PATREON PODCAST: “Kaiju Korner” is here!

Kaiju Korner with Kim BrownThe first of three new PNRNetworks podcasts for 2019 is here! “Kaiju Korner with Kim Brown” debuted it’s first episode last night, celebrating Kaiju movies of all shapes and sizes!

Kaiju Korner” is Kim at her very best talking about something she truly loves – Kaiju movies! In her first episode, she goes into how she became a Kaiju fan, why she remains one, and in future episodes, debuting every other Wednesday, she’ll get into the guts of various Kaiju films. Kim has been working for months on getting this new podcast just right, and it’s sure to be fun for Kajiu fans of all ages.

The new podcast is the first of three new podcasts debuting in the next two weeks that are EXCLUSIVELY for Patreon Patrons at the $5/month level and above – it isn’t and won’t be available anywhere else, and you don’t want to miss this fun and exciting look at Kaiju films from Kim’s unique perspective.

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PNR Premiere Dramatic Presentation: “The War Of The Worlds 2018”

PNRNetworks and its family of podcast personalities are pleased to present our second dramatic presentation!

“The War Of The Worlds”, by H.G. Wells, adapted for the podcast medium by TC KIrkham. Presented by the PNRNetwork family of podcasts!

Our players (in alphabetical order): Kim Brown, TC Kirkham, Anthony Lamberti, Courtney Lyon, Eric Lyon, Valerie Lyon, and Matthew McCallum!

This has been in the planning stages since before our original Dramatic Presentation, “Manhattan Hammerdown: As It Happened” was released in January 2018. But because of various issues, we were wondering if we could actually pull this off, with only a couple weeks to spare, but we did it!

This year is the 80th anniversary of the original broadcast of the Orson Welles classic from Mercury Theater Of The Air, and also the 30th Anniversary of the National Public Radio edition from 1988, and the 50th anniversary of the marvelous take on the story from WKBW-AM Buffalo NY in 1968. It’s also the 40th anniversary of the unbelievable musical version from record producer Jeff Wayne! We have tried to pay tribute to all four versions here, and we hope you like what you hear!

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Call To Action: FredFlix needs your help!

We’ve talked about the wonderful YouTube channel called FredFlix on Subject:CINEMA a couple of times in the recent past, and also mentioned and posted some of his stuff over on our Planet BiblioMusica blog. Now, FredFlix needs some help to keep making his wonderful compilation videos and is asking for donations. We’ve done our part with $20 (wish it could have been more), and we hope you will too! Here’s his hilarious donation video – enjoy and please DONATE! We LOVE FredFlix and don’t want to lose him! You can shoot him a donation at!

Rex Manning and Co heads for the Great White Way – “Empire Records” becoming Broadway musical

I don’t know whether to be jumping for joy or running for the hills scared to death – is reporting that the 1995 cult classic “Empire Records” is being groomed as a Broadway musical to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2020…(T-T TWENTY F-F-FIVE YEARS?!? ::Gasp:: MY HEART!!)

The film told the story of a harried day in the life of a group of close knit employees of a large mom and pop record store in Jersey, when washed up pop star Rex Manning was coming for a signing after revitalizing his career with a George Michael like career revival. The film barely got a release, and got horrible notices from the snooty film critic community, but the fans embraced it, and time has been very kind to the critics’ reaction as well. At the time I was working in a record store, and ALL of the employees immediately embraced it for its realistic situations, its off the wall sense of humor, and its stellar soundtrack.

The film helped launch the careers of Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry (then known as Ethan Randall), Renee Zellweiger, Robin Tunney, Johnny Whitworth, Debi Mazar, and Rory Cochrane, and also starred Anthony LaPaglia, Coyote Shivers, James “Kimo” Wills, Brendan Sexton III, and of course, Maxwell Caulfield as Rex Manning.

Deadline reports that the film is being developed for Broadway by producer Bill Weiner, who’ll work with the film’s original writer Carol Heikkinen, with new music and lyrics by Zoe Sarnak, the 2018 Jonathan Larson Grant winner for her upcoming musical Afterwords.

All I know is that the new music for the show better damn well leave “Sugarhigh” alone…it’s one of the best numbers in the film, it’s a shame the recorded version doesn’t have Zellweiger’s vocals on it as well, as it does in the film…

We’ll keep you posted…I know I can’t wait for this…I think….just don’t screw it up, please…