EuroVision ’18 Song By Song: “You Let Me Walk Alone’ by Michael Schulte, Germany

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Over the next five weeks, sometimes more than once a day,  we will bring you daily previews of the contest, spotlighting each of the songs individually in random order, where they come from, who will be performing them, and more, as well as some historical info on the contest and some of the past winners and participants.

Next up on our Song-By-Song preview is the official entry from Germany, “You Let Me Walk Alone” by Michael Schulte, written by Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, and Nina Müller. The song is performed in English. Schulte came to prominence from videos he posted of himself on YouTube, then came in 3rd in Germany’s version of The Voice in 2012, during its first season, kickstarting his career.

The song is a “lost your love” power ballad, with a very John Meyer/Jason Mraz style when it comes to the lyrics, the Josh Grobin-like camera presence of Schulte, and a smooth, sweet melody. It could easily hit the US charts, but might find more success on the Adult Contemporary chart over the Hot 100, although it could easily find fans of both genres. The official video is actually a bit disappointing; just Schulte standing and singing to a microphone in what looks like a music rehearsal space, but he does have the noted above camera presence – and as an aside, any fan of American indie wrestling might immediately tweak to the fact that Schulte bears an uncanny resemblance to the (now-retired) young Southern California-based wrestler known as the “modern day hippie”, “Li’l” Nate Nickerson.

Germany’s history in the EuroVision contest is storied indeed; they have participated more times than any other country, present EVERY YEAR but one since the contest began in 1956, missing out only in 1996, when they were eliminated in a pre-show elimination round, which means they have appeared SIXTY ONE times – WOW!; They have won the Grand Championship twice – in 1982 with “Ein bißchen Frieden” performed by Nicole, and in 2010 with “Satellite“, performed by Lena. As one of the “Big Five” along with the UK, France, Spain, and Italy, they get an automatic “bye” advance to the Grand Final every year.

Here’s the official music video: enjoy!

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